COVID-19 Updates: Your safety is our priority. Learn more about our commitment to cleanliness and safety measures.


SKY VIEWS social commitment

Sky Views team is committed to providing you with a safe environment in alignment with the UAE COVID-19 safety protocols.

Your safety is our priority. And with this in mind, we have implemented a hygienic system to create a healthy environment that will complement our different offerings. We are happy to see you, and we hope you make the most of our Sky Views experiences!

General Health & Safety Measures:

  • All visitors must wear a face mask at all times, unless you are engaged in strenuous physical activity, in which case masks may be lowered or removed.
  • Sanitize your hands using the sanitizers provided.
  • Keep a social distance of 2 meters apart at all times.
  • Contactless payments are preferable.
  • Please stand on the sticker placed on the ground when queuing.
  • Age limits stated by authorities will be applied, and our staff may need to verify the age by seeing your Emirates ID card.
  • Compliance with the stated safety measures is legally required in all areas within Sky Views.
  • Maintain a hygiene etiquette at all times.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Rigorous sanitization routines will be implemented at all touchpoints.
  • For sanitization and cleaning we are strictly using materials which are approved by Dubai municipality.
  • Touchless sanitizers are placed in different location.
  • Staff will be wearing masks at all times.
  • Staff will maintain high level of personal hygiene.

Emaar Entertainment and its subsidiaries follow strict guidelines and rules of social distancing imposed by the Authorities in Dubai and the UAE and have actively taken reasonable measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. You are kindly requested to follow all these rules and guidelines diligently to sustain a healthy and safe entertainment place in this unique environment. Your participation as well as the participation of your family members, friends in the attractions will be at your own risk and liability. Emaar Entertainment and its subsidiaries assume no responsibility and disclaim all liability for any personal injury, illness, death, damages, or losses whatsoever resulting from your participation in the attractions.

* The above precautions will be changed in case of any new requirements from relevant authorities.